Recubec shows that safety and environmental standards come first.

Recubec: 2012 Regional Winner of the Health and Safety Grand Prize, Innovation Category - Small to medium enterprises, for the TRAINING IN CONFINED SPACE SIMULATOR.

A problem to solve

Recubec inc. is a company that specializes in the transportation of hazardous materials. To prevent accidents associated with risk of poisoning, explosion or death, the company sought to educate its employees about the working methods to adopt when working in confined spaces.

As training given by external agents were not really tailored to real needs, Recubec decided to create a confined space simulator, coupled with theoretical and practical training.

Preventive measures and results

From a recycled and modified silo, the company has created a closed space simulator for training its employees. This training in confined spaces allows workers to rehearse adequately before getting into real situations. Risks in tanks containing hazardous substances are still present, even though they were greatly reduced by the fact that workers are well trained and are adopting the safe methods taught. From now on, the company saw a drop in the number of accidents and a reduction of the stress felt by those who work in confined spaces.