Trust Recubec for the transportation of your hazardous materials (dangerous goods), whether liquid, semi-liquid or solid form, according to regulations and laws.

Recubec can transport residual hazardous materials such as solvents, paints and contaminated excavation soils, to government-approved landfills or disposal sites, from emergency pickup to regular collection services.

  • Services of a vacuum truck made of stainless steel and fibreglass
  • Van body semi-trailers for barrels and various equipment
  • Trucks and trailers for containers and luggers
  • Transportation and securement of PCBs

New service: electric vacuum system

Always taking action to protect the environment and the neighborhood, Recubec now offers an electric vacuum system for our tanks.


  • No more diesel engine running
  • No more noise
  • Part of our green plan


  • 1400CFM pump, eletrical motor
  • Only 65 dba of noise standing close to the equipment
  • Customer requires a 550V/150 Amp outlet and a 3/8" air outlet.


Full demonstration available at our offices.